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Hopewell City Public Schools is hiring!

26 Apr 2024 11:21 AM | Sarah Nevill (Administrator)


Candidates must possess a Master's or Doctoral degree in School Psychology or a related field from an accredited institution. Va. Licensure in Pupil Personnel Services and certification as a school psychologist is required. Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in conducting psychological assessments, interpreting assessment results, and providing evidence-based interventions and counseling services to students. Strong communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills are

essential. Experience working with children and adolescents in an educational or clinical setting is preferred. Candidates should have knowledge of special education laws and regulations, as well as

experience in multidisciplinary team collaboration and consultation.


The School Psychologist is integral in supporting the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of students within the school setting. This role involves conducting psychological assessments, providing

counseling services, collaborating with school staff and families, and contributing to the development of positive learning environments.

GENERAL DUTIES (May not include all duties performed)

● Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments to evaluate students' cognitive, academic,

social-emotional, and behavioral functioning.

● Interpret assessment results and communicate findings to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders

to inform educational planning and intervention strategies.

● Provide individual and group counseling services to students to address academic, behavioral, and

emotional concerns and promote social-emotional development.

● Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and support staff to develop and implement interventions

and accommodations for students with diverse learning needs.

● Consult with parents, teachers, and other professionals to address academic and behavioral

challenges and facilitate student success.

● Participate in the development and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and

behavior intervention plans for students with disabilities.

● Provide crisis intervention and support to students and families during times of emotional distress or

behavioral crisis.

● Facilitate workshops, training sessions, and parent education programs on topics related to mental

health, behavior management, and social-emotional learning.

● Maintain accurate and confidential records of assessments, counseling sessions, and interventions,

ensuring compliance with privacy laws and ethical standards.

● Stay current with research and best practices in school psychology and participate in professional

development activities to enhance skills and knowledge.

● Performs other related duties as assigned.


Work is performed under the direction of the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel and the Director of Student Services.


This position typically operates within the school setting, including offices, classrooms, and meeting spaces. The psychologist may conduct assessments and counseling sessions in private or group settings,

depending on student needs. The work environment may involve exposure to students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as occasional challenging behaviors or emotional situations. The

psychologist may need to travel between school sites or attend meetings outside of regular school hours as part of their responsibilities. Additionally, the psychologist may participate in school-wide initiatives,

professional development activities, and interdisciplinary team meetings to support the overall mission and goals of the school. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking, and lifting up to 25 pounds. Work

requires assignments involving a great deal of interactions with people as well as meeting frequent deadlines.


Central Office


$72,758 – $115,393 (12 month position)

*The salary noted is based on the 2023-24 school year. Salaries will be updated following the 2024-25 budget confirmation.


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